How does payment for my Mini Arcade System work and what payment systems do you accept?

If you are ordering a pre-built unit then ordering is as simple as adding your item to the cart and checking out with your prefered payment method. If you are ordering a custom build arcade system then we require you pay a 20% deposit up front. We will then contact you when your unit is fully built to pay the remaining 80% so we can get your new arcade system to you as soon as possible. We accept all major credit cards as well as PayPal.

How does shipping work and how much is it?

Keeping Mini Arcade Systems 100% Irish doesn’t just ensure a high quality item, it gives us full control of the entire process, from manufacture to delivery. To ensure that your item arrives safe and sound, we have our own private courier who will deliver your unit. Keeping our entire manufacturing process domestic also allows us pass  on the savings to you, the customer. This is why we offer delivery that’s fully insured for only €40 per arcade system!

How long does it take to build and deliver a custom Mini Arcade System?

When ordering a custom build unit please allow up to two weeks for delivery as the building process is very labour intensive. This is because all of our custom built units are bespoke and we don’t ship anything that doesn’t live up to the high quality that Mini Arcade System’s customers have come to expect.

How long will it take to deliver my pre-built Mini Arcade System?

We work very hard at Mini Arcade Systems to ensure that all of our customers receive their unit as soon as possible. When purchasing a pre-built system you can expect to have it delivered within one week, anywhere in Ireland!

Is it possible to rent a unit for an event or gathering?

Yes, we offer a range of units to rent for events, weddings, parties, gatherings, etc. To get more information on renting a unit please look at the rentals page here.

What happens if something goes wrong with my Mini Arcade System

Our stringent quality assurance procedure ensures that all of the arcade systems that are delivered are of the highest quality and guaranteed to last. However we do accept that, especially with technology, sometimes things just go wrong. So we offer all of our customers a full 90 day warranty on our products! Please note we are not responsible for hardware, software, or console damage caused by the user. Any unapproved modifications carried out by the user on the unit will void the warranty.

Where is my system built?

Mini Arcade Systems are proud to be 100% Irish. That means your unit is conceived, designed and built right here in Ireland. There is no need to worry about shoddy, outsourced materials or work going into your unit, like with other foreign companies. Every one of our arcade systems are built with the best materials, by craftsmen with a passion for providing consistently high quality, beautiful arcade systems.